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Brand: T exas Instruments

Model: T1-84PLUS

Product Type: Graphic programming calculator

Product parameters: about 185x82x20mm

Configuration language: English display and output

Button material: hard plastic color coded buttons

Resolution: 96*64 pixels

Memory: 24kb

Applicable test: SAT/AP/PSAT/IB test

Power supply: AAA alkaline battery / SR44 button battery

Applicable people: computing professionals/students studying abroad are engaged in complex

●Applicable people

1. Suitable for international students and students from domestic and international schools (this model is a designated model for various tests, such as: SAT test, etc.): 2. Suitable for junior and senior high school students to study and explore mathematics;

3. With the CBL2 data collector, it is suitable for experimental collection and processing of physical and chemical students in universities and colleges (especially suitable for outdoor experiments); 4. Suitable for staff engaged in data statistics, complex calculations and other related fields;

●Main function description

TI-84 PLUS is an enhanced product of T-83 PLUS. It has a built-in USB interface, and the memory is expanded to three times that of 11-83 PLUS. Pre-installed a large number of application software, new and improved display screen and many other advantages: it is fully compatible with all the buttons and functions of the 11-83 PLUS series. So it can be easily integrated into your classroom teaching; students can use TI-84 PLUS with any The existing TL presentation tools are connected, so that they can share their creations and works with the whole class. This helps to form a learning atmosphere of mutual help; its built-in USB interface makes the data transfer between the calculator and the calculator and between the calculator and the computer faster.

●Use the built-in USB interface and connection to easily realize the data transfer between the calculator and the computer, and between the calculator and the calculator:

●Pre-installed with a variety of application software, with 3 times the memory of T1-83 PLUS, which can store 30 application software;

●The calculation speed reaches 2.5 times of TI-83 PLUS;

●The new high-contrast display screen can be read clearly from almost any angle;

●It can be connected with the video interface of T1 classroom demonstration equipment;

Brand Name

Texas Instruments


Graphic Calculator

Max. Digits




Power Source




Model Number

TI 84 Plus

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