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Brand: Texas Instruments


Product Type: Scientific function calculator

Product parameters: 162x111x82mm

Configuration language: English display and output

Equipped with power supply: solar battery/button battery

Screen material: LED

Digital display: Graphic calculation guide display

Display digits: 4 lines x 16 characters

Applicable people: junior high school students/actuaries

Applicable exam: student/actuary exam

Introduction to main functions

On the basis of the already familiar TI scientific calculator functions, many powerful new functions have been added. Unique functional design. Allows you to enter multiple calculations on the same screen, compare the results and study the country’s shape.

Apply to

●Mathematics notation

Enter and view calculations expressed in common mathematical symbols through the MAHPRINT mode, including symbolic fractions, exponents, and exact square roots. .●Display up to 4 lines

Ability to enter multiple calculations on the same screen, compare the results and study the shape of the country.

●Switch key

Quickly view fractions and decimals alternately. Use a button to “switch” the answer to check the results expressed in different expressions. This includes switching the result between the exact fraction form, n-term and square root expression, and switching to the decimal approximation format when possible.


Scroll to view previously entered content, study key graphics, and check and paste previously entered content or answers into new calculations.

other functions;


The drop-down menus for easy reading and navigation are similar to those in a graphing calculator. All mode settings are located in a central location. That is, the mode screen

●Score function

Check and perform score calculations and explorations in a familiar textbook format.

●Scientific notation output

View scientific notation with superscript index and view output in scientific notation form.

●Table function

Students can easily study the (XY) value table of a given function, automatically or manually input the established x value.

●Not programmable

●Dual power supply (solar cell and battery)

Technical parameters/system requirements

Easy-to-use upgraded version

Dual power supply (solar battery and battery) ● 4-line x 16-character LCD display is easier to read.

View and edit previously entered content through the scrollable home screenPaste the entered or output content into the new calculation

oMATHPRINT input and output modes are used to view calculations expressed in mathematical notation, including n, square root and fraction

Vertical fraction and fraction function ●Score/decimal percentage conversion ●Switch between improper fraction and mixed fraction

Random number and random integer generatorSwitch key is used to switch the answer between accurate numerical value and decimal approximate value

Battery powered, supplemented by solar cells. Extend battery life ●Central mode menu is used to select calculator mode settings

Menu settings ●Use the calculator’s functions through the button or pull-down menu ●Invert key ●Single constant operator function o Combination arrangement o Triangle ●Hyperbolic ●Logarithm and antilog ●Conversion between angle, radian and gradient● %,X2, 1/X YX P, X!Fixed decimal function

●(XY) table function, automatic sum-X option ●Basic sequence list editor, can have three lists

●-Meta and binary variable statistics. Can input and store permanent static variablesEOS (Equation Operation System)Up to 8 undecided operations

●Up to 23 levels of brackets ●Error recovery function ●Auto shutdown

●Press two buttons or go through the menu to easily and quickly reset the calculator, which is convenient for exams. ●7 memory variables (XY, ZTAB, Q

●Scientific and engineering notation oX10N key is used to quickly input powers of 10 ●Hard plastic, color-coded buttons ●Calculator non-slip rubber feet

Brand Name

Texas Instruments



Max. Digits








Power Source




Model Number

TI 30XS Multiview

Applicable Battery Type

Coin Batteries



Types of

Multifunction solar-type scientific function type

Applicable scene

Business gifts

Press relations gifts


Screen Material


Maximum screen display digits

16 digits

Adapter Battery Type

Button Battery




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