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100% Original 39GS Calculator, NOT FAKE NOT COPY!




Flash read-only memory (ROM) (available for future electronic software upgrades): No

Random access memory (RAM): 256KB

Reusable custom menu keys: No

Reusable custom keyboard (user mode): No

Peripherals: Yes

Support Aplets: is

Support libraries / RPL programs: No

Vector operation

Cartesian / Polar: Yes

Matrix Operations: Yes

Matrix Editor: Yes

Drawing features

2-D operation, very, parameter mapping: Yes

Order, spider, ladder shape diagram: yes

Drawing / tabulation screen, box-type diagram statistic: Yes

3-D differential equations, square Drawing: No

Column Square, scattering cartography: Yes

Find: intersect, extremum, slope, area: Yes

Zoom, track ,, coordinates, shadow: Yes

Mathematical properties

+, -, X, /, SQRT, 1 / x, ln, ex, SQRT x: is

yx, log, 10x,%, Pi, n !: is

Score: Yes

Degree, curvature, gradient mode: Yes

Trigonometry / inverse function: Yes

Hyperbolic / inverse function: Yes

Solve application software (Roots): Yes

Digital integration: Yes

Symbolic Integration: Yes

Digital Differential: Yes

Symbolic differentiation: Yes

Arithmetic: Yes

Polynomial rooting, Taylor series: No

Absolute value, rounding: Yes

Integer and fractional part of the number: Yes

Modulo operation, the smallest integer largest integer: yes

Computer Algebra System (CAS): No

Scientific characteristics

When decipoint / minutes and seconds transformation: Yes

Polar / Cartesian coordinates transformation: Yes

Angle Conversion: Yes

Base conversion and operation: No

Unit Conversion: No

Bit, Boolean graphics: No

Display and print pictures: Yes

Statistical properties

x, x2, y, y2, xy: yes

Sample standard deviation, mean / weighted average: Yes

Overall standard deviation: Yes

Linear regression: Yes

Combination, arrangement: Yes

Weighted average: is

Edit, save, name, list: Yes

Curve fit (LIN, LOG, EXP, POW): is

Drawing statistics: Yes

Suppose Detection: YES

Confidence interval: Yes

Other features

Roots: Solve

Digital stepwise / storage or byte: 128KB

Scalable random access memory (RAM): No

Branch: Yes

Indicator: No

Alpha program tips: is

Entry form, alpha string manipulation: Yes

Indirect addressing: No

Index loop: Yes

Alpha List: Yes

Finance Function: No

Packing Desrciption

One Original 39gs Calculator(as pictures)

One USB AM to mini 5P cord

Plastic bag


1.The battery does not including in the package by shipping policy. Thank you for your understanding!

2.this product does not contain instructions, you can search online, there are many instructions for its use.

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